KUI Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturising Shampoo

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Want the secret to soft and shiny tresses? Formulated to boost your hairs natural moisture levels, it's enriched with Tea Tree Oil which is antibacterial and helps fight dandruff and cinnamon to restore nutrition, growth and elasticity for strong, manageable hair.

Designed to be none stripping, this product uses a combination of weaker surfactants to help gently cleanse your hair without stripping away all its natural oils.

KUI is a Proudly Made in Nigeria brand. All their products are made and packaged in Nigeria.

- Suitable for all hair types, especially curly and textured - Cruelty-free

KUI Care’s Majiri Otobo is an award wining entrepreneur with an illustrious background in beauty. Her dedication to growing her own hair led to the creation of the enriching organic KUI Care formula which nourishes dry, unmanageable hair. - Suitable for Afro, mixed and curly textured hair