The Smart Money Tribe

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The Smart Money Tribe

Money, love, friendship, investment portfolios—The Smart Money Tribe is back!

Zuri, Tami, Lara, Adesuwa, and Ladun are faced with new challenges in this season of their lives. From the hustle and bustle of Lagos, to cosmopolitan London, and the glamour of Cape Town, through their individual stories we see how effective the collaborative power of women can be in building wealth.

Is your Friendship Circle your Money Circle?

The Real Estate Executive

Can Zuri be a boss, get her coins, and live her best life without the money habits from her past coming to haunt her? And can her relationship with Tsola survive the allure of an ex?

The Oil and Gas Big Babe

Will Lara’s resilience be enough to endure the effects of a series of financial blows that threaten to destroy the lifestyle she has become accustomed to?

The Fashion Entrepreneur

Is Tami ready to grow beyond her pampered princess lifestyle and turn her passion to profit? Or is her business still a hobby?

The Formerly Fabulous Housewife

Can Ladun withstand the aftershocks of family financial scandal, adjust to a new financial status and cope with the rigours of a nine-to-five job?

The Conservative Lawyer

Is Adesuwa strong enough to disentangle herself from a financial abusive husband? and will the complexities in her personal life affect her ability to earn? This book navigates the conversations African millennial women should be having about money to forge new paths to prosperity and economic power. It explores getting paid more in the workplace, overcoming adversity, how to assess investment opportunities, building a business in Africa, taking risks, profit goals, and the role our friendship circles play when it comes to how we earn, spend, and invest.

With each chapter comes a smart money lesson to help you tackle your personal finances.

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